Minor injuries and wounds happen quickly and are part of everyday life - at home or in the garden, doing sports or play. Whether abrasions, minor cuts, bruises, sunburn or a blister, minor injuries occur every so often.
Taking the right measures can support the healing process of the skin. The first step with an open wound is to cleanse it as quickly as possible and then treat it with the Elektrolyt-Salbe S. A closed injury (eg. bruises, sunburn) can be treated promptly with the Elektrolyt-Salbe S. This promotes and accelerates healing, and thus quickly restored the necessary protection of the skin.
Promotes wound healing
Reduces swelling
Relieves pain
Reduces scar formation
Infection prevention
Elektrolyt-Salbe S serves to adjust an optimal physical environment for the healing of injuries of the skin. Therefore hematomas and edemas were accelerated degraded, swelling reduced and thus pain relieved. The formation of tissue is supported, the healing after surgeries or injuries (wounds, burns, sunburns) enhanced and scar formation reduced.
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