ELEKTROLYT-SALBE S - Effects and Use

Elektrolyt-Salbe S serves to adjust an optimal physical environment for the healing of injuries of the skin.
Therefore hematomas and edemas were accelerated degraded, swelling reduced and thus pain relieved.
The formation of tissue is supported, the healing after surgeries or injuries (wounds, burns, sun burn) enhanced and scar formation reduced.
Directions for use
Apply Elektrolyt-Salbe S generously onto wounded area. In the first three days after injury repeat several times a day. The duration of use is based upon type and gravity or severeness of the injury.
For best results, Elektrolyt-Salbe S may be used in combination with a dressing. By the covering injured skin with a bandage the wound is protected additionally from external influences which could disturb the healing process.
Additional advantages
Elektrolyt-Salbe S contains no skin irritating substances. The components allow it to be also used in the mouth and on mucous membranes.
Elektrolyt-Salbe S can be used for iontophoresis and is applied under the anode.
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